1. Nationalhymne von Rheinbergen (National Anthem of Rheinbergen)
    David Warin Solomons, Budapest Scoring

  2. Instrumentals 5

  3. Instrumentals 4

  4. Instrumentals 3

  5. Instrumentals 2

  6. Instrumentals 1

  7. Manchester Magnificat for treble and tenor soloists, choir, piano and organ

  8. Manchester Magnificat for choir, soloists and orchestra

  9. Dawn in the Room

  10. New Troubadour Memories
    Kristen Carmichael-Bowers, Paul Chi, Gavin Parker, David Warin Solomons

  11. Yiddish Routes

  12. Railway Song for Saxophone Quartet

  13. Mass for choir and orchestra

  14. Suite for Guitar and Orchestra

  15. Summertime Rag and In the Summertime
    Chris Benson, David Warin Solomons and the Composer's Choir

  16. Panis Angelicus
    David Warin Solomons and the Composer's Choir

  17. It was a lover and his lass (a modern madrigal)
    David Warin Solomons and The Composer's Choir

  18. Original Werther

  19. Kalenda Maya

  20. 5 organ pieces
    David Carlston Williams and David Warin Solomons

  21. The Quiet Way You Move Me

  22. Mass for men's voices and organ

  23. Sequence for Alun's Poetry

  24. Alleyways (A Christmas Song)

  25. Sexy Impro

  26. OK, so what's next?

  27. Down in a flowery Vale

  28. Music all powerful

  29. Folk contra Punkt

  30. 8 Jewish melodies for flute and guitar
    Tomoyuki Ikeda and David W Solomons

  31. So, what would happen if ...

  32. When one is gathered together

  33. Romantic Inspirations
    David Warin Solomons and the dwsChorale

  34. Music for a While

  35. Sing a new Song to the Lord (Psalm 98)
    Composer's Choir

  36. Pachelbel Canon - Choral version

  37. Chinese New Year and others

  38. The Fruitful Pond
    musicians in Costa Rica

  39. While my cat gently snoozes

  40. A byte-sized performer

  41. 22 Improvisations

  42. Love is all you need (A tribute to the Beatles)

  43. Choral music sung by Matthew Curtis

  44. Sweet 4 Chamber Orchestra

  45. Phyllis with Bells on

  46. Rare and eclectic dreams of the world

  47. A byte of rice and mango

  48. Away in a manger

  49. He blows bubbles at them all

  50. In the deep dark of the night

  51. Barbara Allen

  52. By the light of the silvery moon

  53. The madness of Ophelia

  54. The Stripper (Their aid I thus disclaim)

  55. Ariette Oubliée No 4

  56. Voyelles

  57. A Loosely Strung Alto

  58. Songs of Solomons

  59. Wildlife in the Nursery
    Lorin Swelk (aka Lorin Nelson) and David Warin Solomons


David Warin Solomons Sale, UK

Composer from UK born in 1953, concentrating on lyrical and tonal works for chamber music combinations, solo voice and choral works.

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